There Will Be Change

by Feeds of Today

Several months ago, I reached the realization that I was unhappy hosting a common news blog.

You see, dear readers, if you’re still with me, in the past I would peruse various news broadcasting websites (CNN, Philip Defranco, SourceFed, Google News, Fox News, NBC News, etc.) in the hopes of finding news articles which would interested me. I would then compile dozens of articles on to NewsFeed of Today on, in an attempt to set up my own type of news broadcast.

However, from the very beginning, I have always known that I have never liked the majority of news posts. To put it simply, I don’t like watching or reading sad news. I think if our world has a problem that collectively we can fix, then we should truly put our all into fixing the problems instead of just broadcasting the problems, resulting in everyone knowing, but doing nothing to make our world a “better” place.

I still wish to continue with this blog; however, I no longer want to (re)post news most individuals can commonly find.

The purpose of this post is to state:

  • I am going to continue this blog; however, my future posts will attempt to address news articles or current issues on a philosophical scale.
  • I am going to keep the name “NewsFeed of Today” because I believe the type of “news” we see, hear and read about should be changed.
  • There will be change.