About the Blog

Daily news, science and technological discoveries, current events and philosophical commentary.

  • This blog is hosted by a single individual. 😀
  • I occasionally (re)post articles about news that has recently occurred or is currently occurring.
  • I tend to (re)post articles about scientific discoveries/technology with philosophical undertones – because technology and philosophy is the past, present and the future.
  • I believe people have the right to know what is relevant to their universe, their world, their country, their state, city, town, their peers, friends, family, and themselves.
  • If you are looking for a gossip rag, please look elsewhere. I do not favor articles that feature celebrities, they are simply individuals who are more popular than the every-day civilian, and I believe the number of non-celebrities out weighs the number of celebrities and therefore should be of a greater priority.
  • I always research on my article topics and provide sources for where I get our information. If you dislike or disagree with anything in my blog, send me a message or leave me comment and I’ll get back to you!
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