01/15/2012 – End of a blogging hiatus –> After my first philosophy class, I discovered a way I wish to present myself, my blog, and hopefully engage readers.

07/31/2012 – Beginning of a news blogging hiatus –> I realized I wasn’t happy with how I distributed information and presented myself through NewsFeed of Today.

06/04/2012 – Continued progress –> Created the sister blog, “TipsFeed of Today.”

05/09/2012 – New Segment –> “Short Features of the Week [SFW]” – The segment where we take several articles with bits of interesting information, discuss them briefly and link you to our sources.

05/09/2012 – In progress –> In the beginning stages of compiling the first posts of a sister “Tips and Tricks” blog.

05/09/2012 – New Page –> “Updates & Changes” – This is the page where we list updates to our operation as they happen. These are not updates about the articles we post. If you want to have regular updates about the articles we post, like our page on Facebook.